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Introducing the Safest & Finest Shinai

SG (Safety Goods) approved and insured Top Quality Tournament Shinai by Japan Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSA, 日本経済産業省所管の法人である製品安全協会) for every tournament. All shinai are made of top quality Japanese bamboo (Madake, 真竹), and Taiwanese bamboo (Keichiku, 桂竹). Specially treated for Durability, Safety, and giving a shiny look. Every Shinai comes with top quality hand-stitched leather kit (手刺吟革) or machine-stitched leather kit (機刺床革), Tsuba and stopper.

Restocking Shinai every 3 Months
To guarantee you the quality of Shinai, we restock our Shinai every 3 months to keep all Shinai as fresh as possible, so you don't need to worry about using aged Shinai.

Featured Products - Shinai

KAGUYA Dobari Shinai (for Women)
KAGUYA Dobari Shinai (for Women)
$100.00  $69.99
Save: 30% off
Bulk Special - Practice Shinai
Bulk Special - Practice Shinai
$60.00  $21.99
Save: 63% off
KOTETSU Koto Style Shinai (size 39)
KOTETSU Koto Style Shinai (size 39)
$100.00  $74.99
Save: 25% off

New Products For November - Shinai

Shinai Shaving & Repair Knife
Shinai Shaving & Repair Knife
$35.00  $24.99
Save: 29% off
Color Tsuba
Color Tsuba
$5.00  $2.99
Save: 40% off
New KendoStyle Bio-Treated Shinai SHIN Arrival!