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KOTETSU Koto Style Shinai (size 39)

$100.00  $79.99
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I bought this shinai during the all US national tournament '14. It's my first shinai I've ever purchased from kendo style. For the past six months, I've used this shinai for regular practice here in NYC and at tournaments. It's thin, light, and well-balanced.

Here's the strange part... it hasn't splintered at all, though the bamboo's quite dry and the nakayui's stretched quite a bit. For me, shinai from every other vendor tends to start splintering after a few months. I still intend to use this shinai until it's beyond normal maintenance.

I thought the shop staff was just trying to win me over when he was describing the quality of the shinai. Using it for this long has convinced me.
Date Added: 01/03/2015 by Paul Winters
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