GEN Practice Shinai (size 39, Oval Grip)

  • Model: SHINAI-GEN-39-OVAL
Date Added: 03/12/2023

5 stars

This is my shinai of choice. As a previous review stated, oval shinai are worth considering for improving tenouchi. I also recommend this shinai for anyone struggling on keeping their shinai “string side up”.

What sets this shinai from others is the subtle oval shape and quality. Unlike a lot of other oval shinai which are more pronounced in the oval shape, this is just oval enough to provide enough feedback and cueing to your fingers while keeping some of the conveniences of a round grip shinai. The subtle oval shape, at least for size 25 grip, also has the added benefit of being compatible with standard L/Large tsuba and tsubadome. No filing was needed to make it fit.

In terms of quality, I purchased 6 in spring 2021 and used them for almost 2 years. Regular oiling/filing/shaving and rotation during keiko (2-3 times a week) allowed me to use these for nearly 2 years. This is surprising because I live in the dry climate of Los Angeles, California.

This is, in my opinion, the best value shinai. I’ll keep using these.
by Vincent Hernandez
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