Question 1: Where do your products come from?
Answer 1: Unlike other Kendo equipment manufacturers, KendoStyle isĀ a family-owned and operated company with its factories since 1971. Moreover, KendoStyle refuses to use low-quality material, such as bamboo, from China, and insists on using high quality materials from Japan and Taiwan.

If you find some very cheap Kendo equipment on the Internet that is "Made in Japan," it means these resellers buy semifinished Kendo products from nameless manufacturers in China, and assemble them in Japan to label them as "Made in Japan." (Oops, do I just tell you a secret?)

Question 2: Do you provide the lowest price guarantee?
Answer 2: Although KendoStyle keeps providing top-quality products at reasonable prices, KendoStyle doesn't provide any lowest price guarantee. KendoStyle INSISTS in quality, and believes that you get what you paid for. Therefore, KendoStyle doesn't match any lower price of low-quality equipment from other resellers.

Question 3: Do you offers bulk/volume sales?
Answer 3: Yes, KendoStyle offers discount volume sales. We especially offer special discounts for Kendo Dojos and Clubs. Please contact us for more information.

Question 1: Do you accept credit cards?
Answer 1: Yes, KendoStyle accepts American Express, DISCOVER, Master Card, and VISA.

Question 2: Do you accept credit cards issued by a non-US bank?
Answer 2: Yes.

Question 3: Do you accept PayPal?
Answer 3: Yes, KendoStyle accepts PayPal and ships to a PayPal-confirmed address.

Question 4: Do you accept personal check or money order?
Answer 4: No, KendoStyle doesn't accept personal/cashiers' checks or money orders.

Question 1: Can I pick up my order locally to avoid some shipping fees?
Answer 1: No, local pick up is not available.

Question 2: What's your free shipping policies?
Answer 2: KendoStyle doesn't offer free shipping, and focuses on providing better services.

Question 3: Do you ship worldwide?
Answer 3: Yes, KendoStyle does ship worldwide, and we charge shipping fees for your order based on your choice.

Question 1: I've changed my mind. Can I return my order?
Answer 1: KendoStyle stands 110% behind all of its products, and accepts full returns/exchanges under the following terms:

  • The return/exchange must be made within 7 days s from the date the merchandise is delivered.
  • All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  • Items being returned/exchanged must be in new condition, unless an obvious defect has occurred.
  • Shinai can't be returned or exchanged.
  • Keikogi / Hakama should be clean and unwashed; additionally, the white threads on a new Hakama should still be in place.
  • Customized orders, such as Zekken or customized Bogu set, can't be returned or exchanged.

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs back to KendoStyle; KendoStyle covers re-shipping costs of replaced items, but no customized/special orders can be returned or exchanged.

Question 1: I'm a beginner, could you tell me how to take care of my pieces of equipment?
Answer 1: Mr. Ishiwata kindly writes a Kendo handbook for all Kenshi, and you can download it here.

Question 2: I just purchased a Kenkogi and Hakama, should I wash them?
Answer 2: We've prepared an instruction about how to wash them, and you can download it here.

Question 3: How to disassemble/assemble my Shinai?
Answer 3: We've prepared an instruction about how to disassemble/assemble Shinai, and you can download it here.

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