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2m/m Tournament Bogu Set

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Designed for both quickly movement in tournaments and better protection in daily practice. (Mune patterns will depend on availability)

Free Accessories included:

  • Men Himo
  • Do Himo
  • Men Leather
  • Tenugui
  • Bogu Bag

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Material Specification:


  Stitching  2m/m Machine Stitched
  Fabric  #8,800 Shoaizome Dyed
  Leather Parts  Deer Leather
  Top Stitch  2m/m Machine Stitched
  Futon Stitch  2m/m Machine Stitched
  Mengane  Anti-germ IBB Titanium / Duralumin
  Ago Kazari  5 Dan (lines)
  Back Kazari  Green Kozakura
  Futon Reinforcement  Aizome Deer Leather
  Mune Leather  Top Quality Kurozan
  Mune Type  Onigumo
  Mune Side Lines  Triple Lines
  Do Material  Black Japanese 60 Bamboo Look Yamato Do
  Kobushi  Aizome Deer Leather
  Palm  Brown Deer Leather
  Namako  Double Namako
  Futon Reinforcement  Aizome Deer Leather
  Tare Obi Leather  Aizome Deer Leather
  Himo  Single Fold
  Himo Enforcement  Deer Leather with extra Cushion
  Kazari  7 Dan (lines)
  Back Kazari  Green Kozakura
  Tare Reinforcement  Aizome Deer Leather

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2m/m Tournament Bogu Set
2m/m Tournament Bogu Set
2m/m Tournament Bogu Set
2m/m Tournament Bogu Set
KendoStyle world's FINEST Himo with finest Pakistan cotton