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Introducing the Safest & Best Shinai
Japan Consumer Product Safety Association Approved Kendo Shinai
Unlike other companies that are dealing with Shinai, all our special design Practice and Tournament Shinai are made of top quality Japanese bamboo (Madake, 真竹),and Taiwanese bamboo (Keichiku, 桂竹). Japan Consumer Product Safety Association Approved Kendo Shinai "SG" (Safety Goods) approved and insured by Japan Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSA, 日本経済産業省所管の法人である製品安全協会) to guarantee that our Shinai have passed with success the highest standard of safety inspections. Over 50% of Kenshi in Japan choose our Shinai, so don't miss the best choice!

Introducing the world's best Shoaizome Dyed Himo (正藍堅打面紐/胴紐)
We never stop making the best better! As a leading Kendo equipments manufacturer, we're proud to present you the best Shoaizome dyed Himo (正藍堅打面紐/胴紐), and you can click here to order Shoaizome dyed Men Himo or Shoaizome dyed Do Himo now.

KendoStyle 3m/m Bogu Set is $499 NOW!!

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KAI Style Suburi Bokken
KAI Style Suburi Bokken
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2.5m/m Tournament Bogu Set
2.5m/m Tournament Bogu Set
$1,800.00  $1,299.99
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